Ammonia will be the means by which we are able to achieve total global decarbonization, and avoid the catastrophic effects of the Climate Crisis.

Ammonia, NH3, is already a well-established commodity that regularly ranks among the top exports of developed industrial nations. Conveniently, liquid Ammonia: a) is easily stored long-term thanks to its high stability, b) already has a large and scalable trade infrastructure in place, and c) has a higher density of Hydrogen than does liquid H2. Ammonia’s major drawback has been its highly carbon-intensive production; the only methods currently utilized at-scale are steam reformation with natural gas, or gasification of coal. These methods today account for two percent of global GHG emissions. Our method will first utilize nitrates in waste water to efficiently catalyze renewable fuel production from this otherwise unutilized resource, gaining Ammonia immediate market presence; and also directly convert renewable electricity to Ammonia using ambient air and water as our feedstock – in both cases, we will introduce truly zero emissions-storage of zero-emissions energy. 

For use as energy, our liquid sunshine can either be sent through an Ammonia-specific fuel cell for direct conversion to electrical energy, or it can instead be catalytically “cracked” to release high-purity Hydrogen for use in a standard PEM fuel cell or to be combusted at a burner tip for any heating purposes. All this to say, Ammonia is well understood as a high-density energy carrier, and there is no doubt about its enormous potential as a fuel. We will simply be the first to achieve sustainable mass-production, and the first to finally supply the world with the fuel of tomorrow.


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