Where do we begin?

Ammonia is the ideal fuel to rapidly decarbonize the global economy and kick fossil fuels to the curb of history, at last. We are currently seeking funding to support the buildup of this technology, and to support our ongoing research into Nitrogen oxidation which will remove the production ceiling imposed by relying on wastewater nitrates. Our next steps in commercialization are outlined below:



We have demonstrated that our process of producing Ammonia has an order of magnitude higher solar-to-fuel efficiency than any other process anywhere in the world. General Ammonia Company has a partnership established with a wastewater treatment plant in LeSueur, Minnesota for prototype testing and initial commercial development. Successful operation at this small facility will be a springboard for us to leap into development at other wastewater facilities across the Great Plains region, where there is demonstrated interest among water treatment facilities in turning their waste streams into revenue streams.

We are currently pursuing funding to initiate our Phase One scale-up and get this show on the road.

We need bold financiers who want to make a difference – folks who believe in the power of our natural resources working for all generations on our Earth. There is a huge appetite for a cost-competitive, carbon-free fuel in the global economy. Become a part of this energy revolution.

Ammonia is the way. Contact us through the link below to find out how you can invest in changing the world.